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Extremely simple and practical meal plans, yet 100% healthy.

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Plenty of simple stuff, like bagged salads and using leftovers.

Built-in splurges.

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What are the meal plans like?

Each 7-day meal plan follows the Strong Mommas healthy eating guidelines, teaching you how to eat your PRO's (protein & produce) with every meal and how to incorporate varieties of healthy fats and whole grains. 


Each week includes the appropriate amount of splurge meals ("Eat Whatever You Want!") to help you feel sane, yet still see progress. 


100% unpretentious. You're not expected to spend a fortune on bizarre health foods down the bulk foods aisle. Instead, you'll be eating plenty of familiar foods in accessible ways (bagged salads, anyone?)



Every day includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus one snack, all beautifully laid out in a handy print-out. 


All recipes for the dinners and many of the other meals are found on But, most meals are so simple you won't even need a recipe!


BONUS! Each 7-day meal plan comes with a corresponding grocery list to make your life super easy. 

"Mom, my approach is simple...

...if it's too hard, you're not going to do it.

If it takes too long, you're not going to do it. 

If you don't like it, you're not going to do it. 

For us to eat healthy as moms, it has to make sense, require very minimal effort, and be enjoyable.

That's exactly what you'll find with these meal plans.

Simple, practical, healthy eating. 

100% doable. 

You'll love it."


Founder of Strong Mommas

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